Riverwürst Comics #3

Posted: Wednesday, February 4, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Riverwürst Comics #3 Creator(s): Tea Krulos
Publishers: Fly by Night Publications/Riverwürst Comics
From: USA
Price: $3 (US) ppd

A anthology that mixes surreal and weird and funny and punk and silly and knives and poetry and... Lots and lots of comics for your $3, more than I can detail here, so I'll just pick out a few things that grabbed by eye.

Zombie Love Heather Shinn's sweetly horrific true love story of a girl meets zombie, girl stalks zombie, zombie rips flesh from girls bones. The rhyming dialogue is very funny and I can't help think that they make such a nice couple.

Chris Miller's contributions are wonderfully inventive - they seem to be going nowhere in particular when all of a sudden the punch line jumps up and bites you on the ass. <

Bill Liesch's artwork on Dylan McGorey in Grade A has a nice simplicity to it with eye-catching sketchy style.

The interview Tea does with John Hill gives us a nice insight into the creative comic community in Milwaukee and has a pleasant conversational tone. John’s strip The Greys made me laugh.. a lot. His is the most polished artwork in the collection, cartoonist and detailed.

Tea pulls here weight in the comic front as well with Hell to Pay, a delightful tale telling us why the devil really got thrown out of heaven and how his harem react to the less than dramatic details.

Lots here to keep readers entertained and informed, with a healthy range of styles and content to keep the whole world of comic readers happy. An and check out the heavy metal singers cartoon on the last page, it's a laugh and a half.

In a Word: Sharp.

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