Eel Man Komix

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2004
By: Darren

Cover of Eel Man Komix Creator(s): Steve Saville
Publishers: Eel Man Publications (Self Published)
From: New Zealand
Price: ?

All manner of mythical creatures populate this collect of Steve's work. There are some engaging retelling of various myths from Australia, New Zealand and a vaguely South Pacific tale. The cover how the Kangaroo and wombat came to be, how the first coconut tree grew. We also get a few more emotional stories. In one a husband expresses his love for his wife and child. In another a lonely man sits alone, grieving over a wife who has left him. Humor is also evident, such as in the amusing late night conversation between an wide awake man and a sleepy partner.

Steve's artwork is mostly made up of thin, cartoonish art work that has a slightly medieval tapestry look to it, especially in the myth stories where indigenous motifs are worked into the border design and layouts. The characters have an amusing look to them which fits well with most of the stories, but is less successful when a serious tone is aimed at.

Several of the stories take the form of collections of strips, the Eel Man story of the title being the longest example. The tale takes some odd turns as an eel finds himself transferred into a humanoid form by some particularly nasty chemicals. He tries to use his new form to make the world safer for eel kind, but things take an amusing path as the eels demand he vents there vengeance on the people they hate the most in the world... tennis players.

Variously amusing, silly and thoughtful this collection is a fun read and you might just learn something about some other cultures.

In a Word: Slippery.

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