You could Benifit from Rehab

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

The second chapter of’s independent serialized graphic novel Whisp ships a week earlier than anticipated and will be available in finer comic shops over the USA May
12th. To commemorate the release of the newest installment of what the publishers like to think of as the “best psychic junky comic on the market,” the company has included something extra for readers. A limited number of issues, randomly inserted in the shipment of Whisp Ch. 2, have original autographed sketches on the inside cover, painstakingly scribbled and signed by Whisp scribe Damian Duffy.

The sketches come with instructions on how Whisp-ers lucky enough to pick up one of the aforementioned issues can contact the rehab to receive free prizes.

The Prizes:
(1) A rare autographed Whisp Ch.1 Ashcan!
(2) A set of El Cats Cards, the official trading cards of rehab!
This 16 card set is fronted by eye dilating full color art from the rehab25 catalog. Flip each card around and you’ll find one panel of a 16 panel comic strip that explains why packs of stray cats roam the elevated trains of the city of Tristero. A tale of felony and felines for the whole family!

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