Quantum: Rock of Ages #2 & 3

Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Quantum: Rock of Ages #2 & 3 Writer(s): Philip Clark
Artist(s): Ozzy Longoria (p - #2), James Rodrigues (p - #3), Supriya Kalay (i), Robert Ashcroft (Greyscaling)
Publishers: Dreamchild Press (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $2.99(US)

A bunch of people in different parallel universes find that some mysterious gems have fused into their bodies somehow and given them super powers. They aren't sure what to do with them until Professor Stolz turns up and suggests they team up to save the universes. Seems the fabric of space/time is ripping and someone needs to pull finger and do something about it.

These issues are in set up mode, with readers learning more about the characters and situation as new members of the team are introduced. The exposition is handled well and the characters are an amusing mix of anger, humour and bewilderment. We've had one short "allies fight before teaming up" scene but for the post part negotiation seems to be working okay so fare. There's some nice bits of humour to do with the culture clash between parallel worlds which helps ease the pace.

The artist changes between two and three, but with the inker staying on the change isn't noticeable. The key feature of the book is the grey tone colouring which is bold and dynamic. The tones are kept distinct so the pages are clear to read. The Pallet seems to have been lightened for issue 3, so there's more white space. Both pencilers go for energetic layouts and there's much to admire in the character illustrations.

The title is an effective superhero fantasy with a hint of creepy villains to enter the action next issue. All the parallel worlds could get confusing, but so far they haven't, so we have a cheerful fun read so far.

In a Word: Jolly.

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