Eden 3

Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2004
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Eden 3 Writer(s): Jay Bonney
Artist(s): George Bailey
Publishers: 430 Comics (Self Published)
From: England
Price: 1 Pound

Well now here's a sordid little collection of tales. Five distinct Sci Fi stories chock full of sex, drugs and violence set on the planet Eden 3 in the 22nd century. Eden in name it might be but this is no paradise as Jay and George have peopled their planet with a cast of sleazy individuals living grubby little lives [and I love 'em]

The comic's cover has a nice sinister look about it, very dark with three of the man characters glaring straight out at the reader. This heavy use of black is a feature of the comic and on the whole it works well. Unfortunately it does tend to detract from the opening story as it prevents us from getting a decent look at the main character and it is hard to relate to someone we never really see.

A similar comment could be made about the comic’s second story The Gambler, here the quite breathtaking page layout is beautiful to look at but can be quite difficult to follow.
The third tale is the one that hooked me. The sharp angular portrayal of the characters is very effective and the time spent on establishing their relationships allowed me to enter their sordid world of sex and drugs

The next tale Frankie Digits office is perhaps the most satisfactory one and contains a character by the name of Dillion James that I just have to see more of.

Like the tourists in the final tale I enjoyed my visit to Eden 3 and am eager to return.
George's art work is explosive and this complements the fast pace of Jay’s stories. The stories are well constructed with a masterful twist at the end of each one.

In a Word: Frenetic.

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