Eclipse & Vega #3

Posted: Wednesday, June 9, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Eclipse & Vega #3 Writer(s): Saul Colt
Artist(s): Saul Colt (p) Bill Jankowski (i)
Publishers: SSS Comics (Self Published)
From: Canada
Price: $2.95 (US)

Well, the trilogy comes to an end as Eclipse tries to subdue a rampaging Vega while their mentor Packing Man tries to find out what or who is responsible for the violent turn of events.

The plot had well and truly lost my interest by the end of the last issue, and this issue long fight scene doesn't do much to get me back on side. The dialogue tries for irony and humour but never really clicks. The villain seems continually seems to be beyond the control of both super-heroes and civil authorities, which makes them all seem rather ineffectual. Sure, bad guys can come back for their revenge, but they usually have to work up to it instead of Gosh, prison's boring - guess I'll wreak havoc on society.. Making a deal with the bad guy seems a rather weak way of resolving the situation - what is to stop him doing something else?

The art makes Vega and Eclipse look too child like for any of the action to be taken seriously. Even veteran Packing Man seems too young to have any status in the super-hero stakes. The costume seems to almost disappear off poor Eclipse over the course of events - she should really invest in some stronger Lycra or invest in more layers.

The book might appeal to 12-14 year old boys who like women in cheese cake poses and very little sensible clothing, but it left me cold. If the creators can't take their characters seriously and with dignity, why should the readers care? It's all been done before, shame we have to see it again.

In a Word: Flat.

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