Guide to Self Published Periodicals #47, The

Posted: Wednesday, June 9, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Guide to Self Published Periodicals #47, The Creator(s): Kathy Shires (editor)
Publishers: Dimestore Production (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $4.50(US)

A magazine sized 38 page zine that provides news, reviews, interviews and articles about small press comics as well as a few record reviews.

Jam packed with useful information this magazine contains a huge collection of one paragraph reviews. Their briefness limits how useful they might be, but as short and sharp introductions to a wide range of comics they are worth looking through to see if something catches your attention.

The articles and interviews are quite brief, provide an introduction to people you might not have heard of. The questions in the interviews tend to focus too much on what the interviewees like in other peoples work and not enough on their own efforts. Several pages contain news articles bout various small press events and and personalities - eminently useful for small press creators. Some of the pages have reproduced rather blurry and pixelated. Hopefully they can fix that for later issues cause even though the text is all readable, some pages made my head hurt.

There's lots of reading material here for fans and creators of small press assuring that it is money well spent, especially to anybody who takes the time to read our small press reviews here. Hopefully they can come up with some longer interviews and feature reviews for later issues.

In a Word: Valiant.

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