Scooterboy #1

Posted: Tuesday, June 15, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Scooterboy #1 Creator(s): Damian Willcox
Publishers: Dorkboy Comics (Self Published)
From: Canada
Price: $3 (CA)

The comic adventures of a stick figure who has to deal with an incompetent cupid, an easily distracted creator and a visit from the 'truth fairy'.

Now I know what you are thinking: stick figure = lame. Well you're wrong 'cause Damian knows how to draw, he just decided to have a stick figure as a main character to allow for fast and funny stories. The subject matter isn't overly taking but it is quite amusing. The self referential bit with the cartoon character watching itself getting drawn was a worry, but soon we are off on a series of strange, short stories that have a jolly feel to them. Dorkboy has an appealing grin.

The Artwork by Damian is quite sparse with simple line work. It is very cleanly drawn, making the pages easy to look at and quick to read. We also get a few stories written by some other creators. Will Yee does a very energetic piece about a scooter crash that is all action. Bill Wong shows us a struggling comic creator and friend trying to rob the local store to pay the rent, but they fail miserably. It's a silly story that made me smile. Owen adds a very surreal flavour to the book with a piece about a fish skeleton that attacks a castle... yeah, very strange.

Nothing earth shattering here, but everyone needs cheering up now and then don't they?

In a Word: Risible.

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