Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2004
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Distrub Writer(s): Michael Joyal, Robert O’Keefe, Suzanne Joyal
Artist(s): Michael Joyal
Publishers: Nordic Press (Self Published)
From: Canada
Price: Free?

Appropriately titled, this 24 page comic certainly does have the power to disturb. It’s got a kind of bleak Far Side thing going on. I must confess that this is not my favourite type of comic book, the single humorous frame per page with heavy use of getting a laugh out of contrasting words with the art. If this is your thing then you will undoubtedly love this volume but be warned it does revel in the humour present in unpleasant situations, often getting a laugh out of the acute discomfort of the characters . So testicles are set fire to, baby peeling apparatus is displayed, bestiality is explored and incest is used as part of an advertisement. Some characters gorge themselves while others find strange and unpleasant extras in their food.

That’s the down side, on the upside some of the cartoons are very very funny. My personal favourite features a piranha getting one back for terrified goldfish everywhere by "depawing" a cat.

The art matches the subject matter, grainy with a bold and heavy use of dark lines. Rough and ready and totally fitting the subject matter dealt with.

By and large the portrayal of the characters revolves around the rural idiot / country hick or the urban deviant stereotypes.

Overall it's a fairly male dominated collection of cartoons and would probably appeal more to a male readership. So if you like the kind of humour that makes you feel like you need a wash afterwards then this is a little gem. If you are easily shocked however or don't see the joke in choking to death on meatloaf then it might be wise to steer clear.

In a Word: Uncomfortable.

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