R-Squared #2

Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2004
By: Steve Saville

Cover of R-Squared #2 Writer(s): Alverne Ball
Artist(s): Cliff Cobb
Publishers: Quality Quill (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $2(US)

Here we have an action adventure comic with an explosive start. Actually there are quite a few explosions in the opening page of this 30 page comic, not to mention a fair bit of shooting as well. The action packed opening is successfully captured through the use of oblique angle and onomatopoeia. I particularly like the six frame page that charts the main characters fall off the edge of a cliff, I could almost feel each and every bump.

I do have a concern that there might be a little too much action in the first twelve pages. Long before half way in this comic I was feeling quite exhausted For me things really pick up once the characters start talking to each other and take a rest from shooting at anything that moves. Even here though I have concerns. I mean come on, there comes a point with breasts when they can be just too big. Here the female victim of a car kidnapping would have difficulty standing up without assistance. I do like the way the characters are often only revealed in part though, half the face, one arm, legs only. This artistic feature looks great.

R- Squared falls into three chapters. The action packed opening, Croissant [the comic’s protagonist] and the kidnapping victim and Detective Williams investigates. Williams verges on the stereotyped detective, complete with oversized jacket but his randy pet monkey saves him from being too easily labelled. Once again the use of oblique angle is a joy as is the use of the extreme close up angle sequence that closes the comic. The storyline is well controlled and builds nicely. The cliff hanger ending works well and means that I have a strong desire to hunt down Issue Three. The comic ends with a preview of another Quality Quill publication “The Shadowknight.”

I found that this comic improved with repeated readings, Initially I thought it was a little obvious but once I actually got over my desire to classify I genuinely enjoyed it. In particular I warmed to Detective Williams and look forwards to meeting him again.

In a Word: Ka-Boom.

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