Daddy Where Are You?

Posted: Tuesday, August 10, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Daddy Where Are You? Creator(s): Wostok/Grabowski
Publishers: Self Published
From: Montenegro
Price: €3

Poposhak and her enchanted dog Flowers are sad because Popshak's mother has recently died. They look to find her daddy but all they find is the end of his beard. They start following it and embark on a series of adventures as they cross strange lands, traverse oceans and somewhere along the way leave reality behind.

Filled with a joyously imaginative spirit, this book reminds me of the surreal 60's animations such as Yellow Submarine and those eastern European animated shorts that op up occasionally at film festivals. Anything can happen from one page to the next and somehow it all makes sense. The land-lover boat who hates water and has legs to walk on land is just one of the many wacky creatures our adventurers encounter.

The comic is illustrated in a style that mixes the sensibilities of underground comics and childrens' books. The reproduction in this review copy is rough - no staples, and some bad smudging, even so it is still a fun read with the amusing creatures getting into a range of mischief.

The dialogue looks to have have been translated into English by someone who isn't a native speaker, as there are some occasional grammar clangers. These actually end up adding to the quizzical feel of the book. With some tidying up this would sit well between your collections of Krazy Kat and Little Nemo in Slumberland. As Jim Wooding says in a supportive letter to Wostok: pure fun for the eyes. Be adventurous and get a copy of this delightful tale.

In a Word: Classic.

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