R-Squared #3

Posted: Tuesday, August 17, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of R-Squared #3 Writer(s): Alverne Ball
Artist(s): Cliff Cobb
Publishers: Quality Quill (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $2(US)

Cross is a fighting man who finds himself under arrest and having to keep himself and the attractive arresting officer alive. At the same time a gruff veteran Policeman and his wet-behind-the-ears FBI cadet are trying to get a lead on what is going on.

The book presents a fast paced action story with lots of car chases, explosions and people in dark suits driving around town in black vans. There are a lot of characters involved in the plot, perhaps too many when one considers that so far all we get is some straight forward man on the run fun. The characters are fairly basic in their development - gruff police chief, gruff veteran cop, earnest young cop etc. More interesting is the female officer who has Cross in custody. She's a no-nonsense cop who seems to have had some relationship with him in the past but wont let that get in the way of a good arrest.

Cliff Cobb has an illustration style very reminiscent of the work used in Mad Magazine film parodies in the late 70's, with characters given elongated facial features. The illustrations are very expressive and cope well with the physical nature of the plot. Less effort seems to have been made with the surroundings with blank walls, empty rooms etc. They layouts are thoughtfully designed, with a car chase being especially well worked out.

The cryptic nature of the plot so far is intriguing but seems aimed at a guns-and-guts loving audience. Loud and violent, this is a quick and entertaining read following a tried and true formula.

In a Word: B-grade.

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