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Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Press Release

New York, NY -- 1950 --Seduction of the Innocent, Dr. Frederick Wertham, you know how this story goes: Child psychologist writes book blaming comics for juvenile delinquency, parents buy it, comics become despised like four color social disease. Moms put their kids' funnybooks out with the trash. Readers, rather than be viewed in public as drooling troglodytes, find new ways to spend their dime and newsstands pulp whole shipments. There are even public comic book burnings!

Many historians see this as a tragic chapter in comics' struggle for mainstream respect, overlooking the fact that, four decades later, the very fiery swath of destruction and disapproval they decry actually helped open the general public's eyes to the true worth of comics...as COLLECTORS' ITEMS! Yep, in the 1990's folks realized the few survivors of the McCarthy era pop culture purge were worth a mint (if they were Near Mint) and comics new and old flew off the shelves!

Sadly, all those 90's collector’s edition first issues and variant covers turned out to be worth far less than their forbearers. Some blame the publishers for printing too many. Some blame imprudent business practices. Some blame Rob Liefeld.

We at rehab25.net know better; we blame you, the readers. Sure, you were on the right track, buying all those copies to later sell and put yourself through college, but you didn't go that extra step!

And now, as comics reach for even greater glories and cover prices, and the variant covers return to lead the industry to new heights like foil embossed Sherpas, it falls on you, the comic buyers, to keep it all from blowing up in our faces again. You must learn the lessons of history: If the collectors' market is to succeed, you can't just buy a lot of copies of an issue, you've gotta buy a lot of copies and destroy most of them! How else can you expect an issue of WHISP #3 to be worth more than a good read?

It sounds like a daunting task, all this purchasing and wanton destruction, but rehab25.net is ready to help!

Champaign, IL-- October, 2004-- Independent comics publisher rehab25.net is proud to announce, in conjunction with the solicitation of the third issue of WHISP, the best junky psychic comic on the market, the WHISP Buy 'Em and Burn 'Em campaign! For every six copies of WHISP Chapter 3: Is. you preorder from the October edition of Previews, (Order Code OCT042906) we will send you an Authentic Certificate of Authenticity for one issue, and an official rehab25.net Collector’s Item Creator (a small but stylish Bic lighter) for the other five. Also, to aid your Collector’s Item Creation, each issue of WHISP has been specially crafted from a highly flammable substance (paper) so you can make one of your issues one-of-a-kind as easily as possible!

So remember, WHISP Chapter 3: Is: It can only be worth millions if you buy and destroy a lot of copies.

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