Quantum: Rock of Ages #4

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Quantum: Rock of Ages #4

Creator: Philip Clark (w), James Rodriguez (p), Supriya Kalay (i), Jennifer and Christine Kwon (grey-scales)
Publisher: Dreamchild Press (Self Published)
Address: 23-29 36th St, Queens, New York 11105, USA.
Price: $2.99(US)

Nick and Frederick have followed the Doctor to pick up the singer Skyler Hope but find that they have two problems: She doesn't need or want any help from anybody thank-you-very-much, and a pack of nazi storm-troopers and monsters are on Skyler's trail as well and don't mind who they take apart to complete their mission.

The wisecracks and fists come at a high pace in an issue that cramps a lot of action into 24 pages. The dialogue zips along nicely. Okay, it may not be up to the level of Shakespeare, but it flows and the humour factor is high. If you liked Justice League International you'll lap this up.

The characters haven't developed beyond stereotypes so far which rings alarm bells: four issues is a lot of time for all action and no character development. The villains could especially benefit from more detail so they avoid becoming henchmen of the day stereotypes.

James and Supriyado a top notch job on art which features energetic layouts, dextrous characters in a range of action. Theirs a large scope of costumes and character designs making for attractive pages. Jennifer and Christine Kwon make the most of grey scale colouring to give the pages a high contrast treatment, avoiding the washed-out look that many grey-tone works exhibit.

Heroes and villains hi-jinks with lots of laugh; this book doesn't take itself too seriously but it does approach the basics with a keen eye. It's an enjoyable read that gets picked out of my to-review pile early. The editorial informs us that lack of sales saw it dropped from Diamond (don't worry, you can still get from the creators), there is no justice!

In a Word: Hyper.

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