Lucca Comics and Games

Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

We have recently been reminded by our friend in Italy Antonio Tregnaghi about the upcomiming Lucca Comics and Games festival.

The blurb from the Lucca website tells us:

Lucca Comics is the oldest part of the exhibition, and since then it has been the beating heart of Comics in Italy; an ever growing event which proudly numbers within its exhibitors the whole commercial and artistic world of Italian comics: editors, distributors, retailers, collectors and antique dealers. In particular, dozens of new editorial products are presented during the exhibition, a proof of the fact that Lucca Comics has become the real, undisputed show-case of Italian comics, the only main-event not to be missed by anybody in the universe of balloons. An amazing schedule of happenings and activities take place during the fair: conferences and debates in the Meeting Hall, projections of animation movies inside the Videolucca pavilion, encounters with the audience and live performances inside the new Artists Area, not to mention the countless events, spontaneously displayed by a motivated and participating audience, like Cosplay, the famous comics characters fancy-dress contest (born at Lucca in his Italian edition), or musical performances on the subject. Inside the pavilions of the fair, more art exhibitions of original paintings are held, displaying important productions of famous artists or introducing discussions about the most interesting subjects, like the relationship between comics and communication, one of the core topics of Lucca Comics. As usual, the main art exhibition centre is in the historical heart of Lucca, inside the wonderful baroque church of San Romano, restored this year into an auditorium and exhibition area near the new-born Italian Museum of Comics. Along with the art exhibitions, the presence of the most important international guests has become an habit allowing our audience to meet, in the course of the years, artists like Will Eisner, Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Sidney Jordan, Jean Van Hamme, Juan Gimenez and many others from all over the world. Lastly, the prizes awarded by Lucca Comics, the prestigious Gran Guinigi, give special prominence to the best authors and best comics of the year.
As part of Lucca Comics, Antonio will be there drawing with his Cintiq and old MacG4 along with Roberto Berti. If you have the chance then make your way there and say hello to Antonio.

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