Teardroppe Comiques Spectaculare #2

Posted: Tuesday, November 9, 2004
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Teardroppe Comiques Spectaculare #2

Creator: Matthew Teardrop
Publisher: Self Published
Address: 7000 Rhoden Ct. #T4, Springfield, VA, 22151, USA.
Price: $1 or trades (US)

A random collection of strips that cover a range of topics. In one Death pays a visit and tries to sell some copies of his autobiographical comic, in another Teardrop tries to throw a fun party but doesn't quite succeed, poor Egghead is shown having to deal with a lot of really insensitive questions, and a robot tries to compute love.

The artwork is quite basic and rough in places, but the simplicity of the humour doesn't need detailed or realistic characters, and for the most part the locations are irrelevant. The illustrations could benefit from a steadier hand when inking. It was nice to see that Matthew puts some thought into how he designs the characters' faces, with some quite cleaver examples turning up here and there.

The humour is direct and silly so most of the jokes will raise a laugh. I was amused to see some common charters turning up throughout the books, helping to tie the strips together and giving the reading experience a beginning, middle and end. Matthew seems to be a funny guy, so if you are looking for some laughs this is well worth a try.
In a Word: Hah!

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