Memories of Paradise

Posted: Wednesday, January 5, 2005
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Memories of Paradise Creator(s): Gary Kato
Publishers: Rorschach Entertainment
From: USA
Price: $4.99(US)

Sister Revelen takes her archaeological activities very seriously. The search for alien artefacts takes here throughout the Universe and it promises much of worth for the church and the human race. So it is indeed odd that a chance encounter with a painting should spur her to use the skills and resources at her disposal to track down the artist so she can discover the power behind his works.

The is a fresh mix ideas to be found in this book, with action, painting, alternative realities, alien life forms, jet flyers and religious bureaucracy. When so much comic writers equate bad language with creativity, a book that trades in thoughtful ideas makes for a nice change. Gary creates an involving story with strong willed characters. There's a fair bit of action in its 48 pages, but the characters a written as determined individuals with important things on their minds. They talk a lot, either to each other or to themselves. Word comics often expose a lack of planning in a comic when the author pads the dialogue out, but there is little here that feels extraneous.

In Sister Reubun we get a central character who mixes intellect and compassion. She also shows of a few more subtle martial arts moves when she finds herself in a scuffle. She written as a mature and thoughtful hero, so much more capable than most of the gun totting pin-ups that star in many comics.

Gary's style with the art is as careful as his writing. It looks throughout and is well finished. His work has a sight retro fell to it, most apparent in the 50's science fiction designs of the vehicles. Some look too simplistic, but the quaint 'flyers' which the characters pilot around are fun - sleds with circular pods and funny grills on the side that suggest a propulsion system borrowed from a Flash Gordon serial. The characters are well illustrated if a bit too clean.

While I have to admit some of the more mystic details concerning lost races left me cold, as a whole this is a most intriguing read and a treat for science fiction fans.

In a Word: Pilgrimage.

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