Silver Comics #1-3

Posted: Tuesday, February 1, 2005
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Silver Comics #1-3 Creator(s): Johnny Ortiz
Publishers: Silver Comics (Self Published)
From: USA
Price: $2.95 each (US)

Will the wonders of modern comics never cease? Johnny Ortiz has written a far-out collection of stories, and then found an army of artists to craft mind-blowing, far-out illustrations. How can I, a mere reviewer, survive this fiendish onslaught of superhero adventure, Science Fiction melodrama and seasonal lunacy?

These stories have a strong 60s influence, specifically the exposition writing style of Stan Lee paired with the theatrical art of Jack Kirby. Heroic robot men battle over-dramatic villains in colossal fight scenes, all the while pondering their fate. There is more internal monologues here that just about an book not written by Chris Claremont.

So what of the individual stories? Well, in Seabolt a man with no legs has become a demon of the sea, using a mechanical fin and high-tech helmet to patrol the watery domain, battling his nemesis King Zarro, the would be tyrannical ruler of the world

Doctor Monster fights for good, but is tricked into killing an innocent member of the Peace Observer Council who just happened to look like a hideous monster.

For those who enjoy robots, there is Cloud Buster - a soldier in a big robot who finds himself trapped within it's metal body.

All the stories rattle along at top speed, without much in the way of deep character interaction They all speak like they are reciting biblical passages in amongst the flying punches.

The artists all provide dynamic and imaginative work. Johnny pencils most of the stories so the energetic layouts never stop. When he inks his own work the characters are delightfully weird looking, reminding me of Kevin 'Neill's work on Marshall Law. Lou Rodriguez inks in a very appealing cartoon style. Scott Seeto gives us the most Kirby-esk contribution which is fun to look at.

But wait, comic fans, there's more! Johnny draws and co-writes with Chris Roberts a ludicrously hilarious tale of Santa having to fight the devil, while Rudolph the laser nosed reindeer has to fight for his life and that of his master. It's just too weird for words, full of belly laughs and breathtaking goofiness.

In a Word: Kapow!.

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