Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2005
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Après-Shampooing Creator(s): Robert Goosin
Publishers: Robot Publishing Co.
From: USA
Price: $3.00(US

Every wondered about what sort of a refuge from the real world your wife's ass might be? Do the paternity issues that would arise for a woman with three legs and two vaginas make you go 'hmmm"? Need a reason to avoid going to the 24 hour shop and get some toothpaste? Perhaps you want a Indian parable to recount at work, or perhaps stories where bunnies deal with an invasion of elephants are your thing? Après-Shampooing might just be the book you need,

This is a random anthology collecting stores that don't have much in common. Some could be real, some thankfully couldn't ever really happen. A couple are quite sad, a few are light hearted without actually being funny. Life is a bitter sweet experience for the characters when happiness is based on another person's misfortune. The Elephants are pleased to find water while beneath then rabbits are crushed to death in their holes.

Robert's artwork is beautiful. He's at his best when drawing and animals and rabbits in the Moon Lake story, where the rabbits are cute, the elephants majestic. When he draws humans he distorts them slightly with oversized heads and stumpy limbs, which I found vaguely annoying for some reason. The comic is printed on a parchment style of paper with a blue/back ink that gives the interior of the comic a nostalgic look.

This mini is a high quality product, great to look at and makes an impact on the reader. The stories are thoughtful and off-kilter.

In a Word: Quirky.

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