Angela #1

Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2005
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Angela #1 Writer(s): Alan Donald
Artist(s): Richard Nairn
Publishers: Pantomine Press (Self Published)
From: England
Price: ?

5 year old Angela is one of the passengers on the Cornwell, a sub-light space ship sent out generations ago to explore the galaxy and eventually settle a distant planet. Until then life continues as usual. Angela has to deal with boring classes and the bullying of schoolmates. She also has to deal with a fear of the monster that lives under her bed at night. Sure, the computer says there is no monster, but Angela knows better...

Alan and Richard combine their talents to create a jolly wee tale. It reads like a cross between Aliens and Rug Rats. We are introduced to the situation and the characters in a efficient manner - nothing seems out of place and the plot progresses at a steady pace. Anglea is a fun character. Slightly naughty without being a bad kid. The contrast between her private fears and public face make her likeable. She seems to be doing more than I'd expect a 5 year old to get up to - Computers in school, being teased about kissing a boy etc, but this is the future so perhaps the kinds are advanced or something. As is usual with children's stories the adults are all slightly dim, believing they know everything but missing the obvious.

Richard's artwork mixes a British children's comic look with a more advanced approach to page layouts. Characters move across the pages in cleaver ways, as Richard uses objects and architectural features to created the panels within a full page image. Angela can look look angry, scared or mad while remaining in character. From the scans of the book I received this looks to be a polished piece or work.

So far this title is a fun sci-fi story that would be child safe, adult pleasing, and aliens might even get a kick out it.

In a Word: Bratty.

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