Hold the Phones: Artwork wanted

Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2005
By: Darren Schroeder

Gobstopped.com - a new web and wap site - is offering artists the opportunity to see their work distributed via the hottest new medium – the mobile phone. For illustrators who can create cool cartoon strips, quirky comics or unusual illustrations this could a chance to make some money and get your work seen

Gobstopped is a new platform launching in July where artists can submit their material for publication. It’s completely free of charge to join, and the platform is provided by Kwickee Mobile. Artists Worldwide are invited to contribute, although initially the service will be available in the UK only.

Gobstopped provides the means to publish material via mobile phones through all UK operators as well as on the Gobstopped website. Contributors are then free to market their material in any way they wish, plus they will benefit from Gobstopped’s own publicity campaigns at no cost.

Artists and writers receive a royalty every time someone buys any of their work. The royalties are based on a percentage of retained income after costs. The initial price will be 50p per strip although, in future, the introduction of subscription services will enable customers to view multiple downloads over a given period of time.
Contributing to Gobstopped involves NO COST and NO COMMITMENT.

Cartoon strips are uploaded by the artist via their PC direct to the Gobstopped website. All material will be reviewed by the editorial team before being passed for publication. Then it becomes available for purchase via mobile phone by texting GOB to 83238 (in the UK). The initial price will be 50p per strip.

The audience for Gobstopped is 17 – 25 year olds which means students and first time workers. The team behind the scheme suggest subject matter for cartoon strips should target this group as they are the most likely to be able and willing to search out and consume such material on a mobile phone. These strips can be edgy, alternative, subversive, underground – they can be humorous or dark; self-contained jokes or social commentary; serials and even mobile graphic novels. The only restraint is that no extreme erotica, pornography or violence is permitted.

Gobstopped will also broker relationships between writers and artists. Kwickee Mobile has over 2000 writers registered already, so artists willing and looking to work in collaboration will find the Gobstopped team well placed to find the right writer.

Before drawing comic strips specifically for mobile distribution the managers recommend that you check out what it might look like first. To see some examples we have already created UK residents can text ‘toonz’ to 83238. These samples are free although your network operator’s text charges will apply.

Artists interested in contributing to Gobstopped should contact the team for more details by sending an e-mail to gobs@gobstopped.com. The message from the Gobstopped team is contact us today and join the mobile revolution. Share and market your creativity with mobile users throughout the UK ... There’s no limit to how much material anyone can publish through Gobstopped, and this is a great opportunity to get seen in a brand new and fast-growing market.

For more details or interviews contact

Nick Hirst – Managing Editor, Kwickee Mobile
Tel: (UK) 020 7520 5708
e-mail: nick.hirst@kwickee.com

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