Andy Roberts: The Caption Exhibition

Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2005
By: Darren Schroeder

The organisers of Caption, the annual alternative comics convention in Oxford (UK) are dedicating their mail art exhibition this year to the memory of Andy Roberts, a dedicated contributor to the convention and the UK small press comics scene.

Some of you may not have heard that Caption lost a very great friend this year. Andy Roberts was a veteran of Caption from the very early days; he was a great supporter and friend to the convention and to the committee. He died last month after a traffic accident.

We very much want to remember Andy at this year's Caption, and the most appropriate way to do that seemed to be to use the exhibition to showcase the impact Andy had on people throughout the scene and beyond. We're asking you to lend us artwork by Andy, featuring Andy, or inspired by Andy to make an exhibition celebrating his life. If there's a story attached, feel free to write it up and include it, or if you prefer you can just let the piece speak for itself.

All the folks morning the loss of their dear friend would appreciate your contribution to the event. Check out the details of how you can take part.

Remembering Andy at Livejournal

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