Paper Tiger Comix #2

Posted: Tuesday, October 4, 2005
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Paper Tiger Comix #2 Creator(s): Sean Duffield
Publishers: Paper Tiger Comix (Self Published)
From: UK
Price: £2.59 (UK), $5.10 (US)

An international comic anthology based in Brighton, England that collects a varied range of material, representing the the personalities of a mixed bunch of comic creators. Just imagine the party.....

I check my watch, it was a good hour after the scheduled start time so an entry now would be safe, and I might just be able to locate some unattended beers in the kitchen. The Paper tiger event is very much beer and crisps as opposed to cocktails. The lounge is a noisy spot, with a level of conversation punctuated by the occasional laugh at a joke abut poo and weeze.

There's hardly a woman in the place. Lee Kennedy does what she can to counter the boys own talk with a conversation about childhood memories that made me giggle in a nervous way.

The appearance of the guests is a mixed bag. Andrew Chilie has dressed Dan Barton in a modern Dan Dare ensemble that grabs the eye in a derivative manner. We all know where he buys his clothes! Lucky that John Freeman keeps feeding Dan a steady stream of humorous dialogue to keep the conversation going.

A few people I chat with look scruffy but they are all amiable conversationalist, though I do find it hard to understand what Ben Naylor is on about.

Andrew Bleck is eye-catching. he doesn't say much but what you can get out of him is clear, concise and memorable. Jim Burke also makes an impression with an amusing story about the time this cat took a drive across Germany. Far out.

The mix of people from different countries in such a small venue makes for refreshing variety, and it was a real surprise to see a few people I know from other parties - some I've even hosted myself. The small press world is indeed small, and creators love free drinks!

As usual, there is a temptation to be critical of the host's selection policy for the entertainment, but the point of parties is to meet a new selection of folk in a friendly environment and swap stories. Some might turn into good friends and you promise to make contact later on. This evening every one was well behaved. Now where the f*#k did I leave my jacket!!

In a Word: Noisy .

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