Antique White House #1

Posted: Wednesday, May 24, 2006
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Antique White House #1 Creator(s): Diana R. Sasse
Publishers: Self Published
From: France
Price: USD 6.50

One of my steadfast rules about going to the movies is to ensure I get there and seated before the film starts. The advertisements I can happily avoid, and while I enjoy the trailers I won't cry if I miss them. However, if I'm going to miss even the first few minutes of the film, it's time to look for something else to do. This beautifully illustrated comic by makes me feel like I've walked in 20 minuets late. There’s information missing that I kept waiting for, but it never arrived.

The story is set in an alternative reality where the industrial revolution never happened. Famous figures fro different historical periods populate the story, in similar roles that we know them for. The central character of this book is John F. Kennedy, the President of the United Territories of America. He hand a few of his wives and husbands sailed to Normandy, then travelled to Germany to take part in a four day orgy hosted by the Kiser, and attended by a variety of world leaders. Plots are afoot however, and soon one of JFK's husbands has been kidnapped.

This book mixes styles in an interesting way. Part sexual farce, part frontier adventure, there's a lot to entertain the reader. Much humour comes out of the selection of characters depicted: JFK and Fidel Castro are forced to work together to save their skins, but can't go longer than a few minutes before trading insults. The dialogue isn't exactly witty, but it is very amusing.

Readers will find that the real treat here is the artwork, which in style mixes the character design of Tintin comics with lush colouring. The period costumes, decor and environments are all detailed and full of character. Diana seems able to illustrate any object or character and fill them with life.

Those with a modest attitude to sexual matters might want to take this comic under advisement. Orgies, circumcision and other adult topics are dealt with, be it in a soft-core manner with strategically placed robes protecting the modesty of the male characters. The language is a bit blue in places, but is a charmingly dated fashion that isn't likely to cause offence.

If you have an open mind this book will certainly entertain with it's action packed plot and amusing play with history.

In a Word: Original.

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