Monkeys Might Puke #2

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2006
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Monkeys Might Puke #2 Creator(s): Dan Lester
Publishers: Self Published
From: UK
Price: £1(UK)

Dan and his monkeys are back again. This time one of the monkeys accompanies Fidel Castro to the local newsagents. This opening strip also contains one of the best opening frames I have seen in a very long time as Fidel turns to the monkey and say, Wait here monkey an’ don’t throw shit at anyone.

Now that’s funny, come to think of it Fidel Castro going to a newsagents to buy porn is pretty damn funny too.

The second strip about a mailman’s "relationship" with a letter box manages to successfully lower the tone more than a couple of levels.
And those two comments sum up the second edition of ‘Monkeys Might Puke’ some very clever humour even if much of it is fairly close to gross [I mean the frame about Tom Cruise and the headless corpse, now that was close to going too far].

As with the first edition it is the shorter pieces that steal the show. The ongoing stories, Junkies in Space and the talking owl lamp one [untitled] tend to be fairly chaotic and random.

Not so with the gruesomely funny Jack the Ripper’ strip [written by Jon Smith] and the Martin Scorcese gag, both of these are winners. The other highpoint is tale of a visit to a strip club by Siamese twins.

With this second serving of Monkeys might Puke Dan Lester has served up a very similar meal to that presented in #1, basic simple line drawings, simple presentation and laughs. Nothing at all wrong with that.

There is nothing new here but why should there be, if something is funny then it is funny and Fidel telling his monkey not to throw shit is funny.

Simple really, if it’s funny we laugh, thanks Dan.

In a Word: Messy.

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