Call for Submissions: Tales of Terror

Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2006
By: Darren Schroeder

"Tales of Terror" is a new Paper Tiger Horror Theme anthology. The anthology is to be a mixture of scary & original horror stories & art (this can be psychological horror, paranormal/supernatural, creatures etc), & more tongue-in-cheek, satirical & also homage style strips (B-movie style horror stories & art are welcome, as are EC style strips)...zombies, demons, ghosts, serial killers, stalkers, war, werewolves, satan, witches, ghouls, halloween, sadists,dungeons, headless horseman, brain sucking aliens, genetic mutations, H P Lovecraft-esque demon-gods....even hairy toast...all are welcome subject matter or whatever else depravity you can think up.

The weirder, more bizarre, clever & innovative the better, it would be good to push the envelope in terms of ideas, quality & art.

The anthology will be A5 black & white with colour cover.

We've already had a couple of contributions.

Contributors are allowed up to 6 pages for a strip. 1 page illustrations are welcome too

Deadline for this anthology is 31st September, hopefully we can get printed up in time for Halloween!

Contact details online at

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