Call for Submissions: War - All Proceeds to Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2006
By: Darren Schroeder


Paper Tiger Presents "WAR" is a non-profit fundraiser comic with all proceeds going to Campaign Against The Arms Trade (CAAT). The anthology will be an A5 format book style anthology of around 60-72 pages, with full colour cover & quality greyscale printing. Varied themes are encouraged; anti-war, satirical, pastiches of old propaganda war comics & films, factual, educational & hardhitting or with fictional universal themes. Weirder, more surreal strips & illustrations & more lighthearted ones are also encouraged.

Strips can be about overseas conflict, the arms trade , globalisation, media or even inner conflicts that people wrestle with day to day. Illustrations are also acceptable. The hope is to create an intelligent, challenging anthology to promote awareness & express strong views but also to entertain & be diverse without being overly preachy. It is hoped that people will recognise that this project to help support an worthwhile organisation committed to fighting the global armstrade, and in the spirit of goodwill will contribute something for it.

CAAT are trying to cut down the world's use of arms through supporting direct action, community projects & education about who is selling arms to who, our own government & companies connections to arms dealing & what these arms are capable of.

For more info about CAAT visit their website:

I'm also thinking of having a free music CD with the comic on the War theme if there's enough interest, support & funds to make them.

Please get in touch with your contributions and spread the word!

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