Call for Submissions: Paper Tiger #4

Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2006
By: Darren Schroeder

Paper 4 has begun, and you are needed! The latest issue will be an A5 book style format (with a spine) with FULL colour cover, 72 pages, ISBN number, greyscale professional quality printing + a free CD (primarily from contributors to the comic who also make music/are in bands) of underground music spanning many genres, but quirky, interesting & weird, just like the comic.

This issue will be a bigger print-run and have better nationwide & international distribution.

Contributors will include Lorna Miller, Stella Starr, Bob Byrne, Paul O Connell, Clive Scruton, Cyriak & many, many more.

It is in your own interests to produce something special for this one, as this one will be aimed at a wider number of retailers & will be a professional looking & groundbreaking anthology in terms of style, quality & content.

Submissions need to be A5 size and up to 4 pages in length.


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