Semiotic Cohesion

Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2006
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Semiotic Cohesion Creator(s): Tom McNally
Publishers: Semioyic Cohesion (Self Published)
From: UK
Price: £3.50(UK)

Giant Sharks encircling a space shuttle ready to take a bite. It's a freaky image given impact by the striking way Brice Reigner colours the piece. It's an image that any editor would kill for to use as a cover. A look inside suggests there might be a few bodies dumped in alleys near where Tom lives.

There is no linking theme to the pieces collected in this here. The tone is mostly serious, with the creators providing thoughtful pieces. Some like Creationism by Jesse are oblige. The central character makes creepy dolls that seem imbued with an immense dose of malevolence. The clever artwork presents the story in a direct manner, with the tension coming from the range of evil expressions on the faces of both the dolls and humans alike.

Serkis and Brent provide a far more direct kind of creepiness in their tale of soldiers in famine-ravaged Africa who discover a horrific secret. The moody artwork has some impressive use of grey tone or wash techniques, and a truly bizarre ending that will give people nightmares.

The other piece here that stuck in my mind is he far more light-hearted Soggy: A Ninja Tale by Tom McNally. The hyper-kinetic martial arts fight scene is immensely enjoyable on a visceral level with flowing acrobatics and graceful lines. The punch line allows the energy fizzle out.

The anthology is rounded out by a couple of more elusive stories which readers might find rather cold and abstract, aimed perhaps at an art school audience who are willing to give points to work which revels in being impenetrable.

All in all it's a grand collection this, more art than entertainment, well presented and fill of intriguing material.

Update: Tom has supplied the following handy guide to where bodies can be hidden in the alleys near where he lives


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