Posted: Tuesday, November 7, 2006
By: Ruth Boyask

Cover of Clubbed Creator(s): Caressa Weber
Publishers: Looking for publisher.

The question of the day: Is it worthwhile reviewing a comic that may never be published? Clubbed #1 is a comic that may never be published unless artist Caressa Weber commits her own funds to the project, because I doubt, in its current form, a publisher would take it on. But Caressa has taken the time to send it into the Silver Bullet Comics Small Press office, sent a letter outlining her “•great expectations for the project”, and the least we can do is to take seriously the work of an emerging female comic artist.

In Clubbed #1 the artist sets the scene for her intended ongoing series about student Bianca Stein and her exploits as an office worker in a BDSM club. In this issue, she introduces a series of colourful, manga-esque characters from the club, including Maurice the Bouncer, Grendall behind the bar and Cerise the owner. While there is not much character development and, apart from their names and jobs, we know little about them, there is the possibility to develop an interesting storyline in the next issues. It is not the writing that is the really limiting factor of this comic, but its visual appearance.  

The art work is bright and cheerful, but is let down in its rough handling of its drawing and the rather unfortunate application of felt-tip pen. Straight lines are clumsy, drawn with uneven pressure and a messy finish. Curved lines are awkward. Text is uneven and coarse. And the use of felt-tip pen adds to the overall amateurishness of the project.

So in regard to my opening question, time will tell whether writing this review has been time well spent. In time we may find out if Caressa takes heed of this advice and puts together a project that pays more attention to quality in order to do justice to her ideas.

In a Word: Beginning.

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