Faustians, the

Posted: Wednesday, March 7, 2007
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Faustians, the Creator(s): David E. Arhar
Publishers: Penny Dreadful Press
From: net
Price: $1.00

The problem with this review is that it is actually a review of a preview and therefore we are given but a glimpse of what the complete comic intends to deliver.

What we are tempted with is an intriguing narrative concept. A story that revolves around the concept of a support group for the damned. A place where those who have lost their souls to the devil can go to gain some safety, reassurance or protection. The satanic aspect of the tale is reinforced on the cover, in particular with the use of red. yellow and black.

What we are actually given here is a brief 5 pages of comic plus two pages of character bios, and that is really what this ash can is, an intro into the characters that will feature in the comic. As such it whets the appetite but ultimately disappoints because we are left unsure of whether it will deliver a worthwhile end result or not.

It is obvious though that humour is going to play a part and that a complex interweaving of the various characters will also be important.
The five pages we are given show a good deal of promise. Especially page one with its zoom in technique that takes from the universal to the specific in 4 frames.

At times though the frames are too busy and the fine line drawing just too fine for the A5 format. As a result characters and backgrounds do tend to merge in some of the more complex frames.

As it stands Arhar has tempted us with a devilishly good idea now he needs to deliver or his soul may well burn...etc.

In a Word: Skeletal.

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