Glenjamin #2

Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2007
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Glenjamin #2 Creator(s): Ben Hutchings and Glenn Smith
Publishers: Geeen Comics
From: geeen
Price: AU $4.00

This eclectic collection from the deranged Ozzie duo of Hutchings and Smith is just chock full of•stuff. Some of it disturbing, some of it is disturbed; nearly all of it is funny. The range of material that is crammed into this 40 pager is certainly impressive. Classified ads, one pagers, longer comics, posters they are all here, they almost spill out of a comic that verges on being over full.

Things kick off well with a charming little tale of sportsmanship on the battlefield, this is followed by a very amusing view of heaven and hot on the heels of that is the very amusing tale of a group of Wild West desperadoes on the prowl in a modern urban setting. Not so much 'Home on the Range' as 'Homeless in the Suburbs.' That alone should give you an insight into the eccentric, kaleidoscopic world that waits within the garish covers of Glenjamin #2.

While we are on the subject of the covers I must say that they are quite grotesque and possibly the most disturbing visual sight on offer here. Mickey Mouse slices his stomach open on the front cover whilst the back cover features other Disneyland characters as a bowel movement. Yes it wouldn’t be a Smith and Hutchings comic without some poo humour.

The classified ads that feature in the centre of this collection concentrate on the deviant, the tragic and the degenerate and in fact they are the characters who seem to people most of the pages. Not that the comic is offensive, a little tasteless in parts maybe but those lapses are overshadowed by the true gems. And for this reviewer there are three real diamonds presented here. The first is the one page advert that features a Black metal paint chart, now that is funny. Then there is the surreal untitled 2 pager featuring a man who finds a woman's face looking out at him from his stomach. Sounds weird but it is really quite a neat visual treat. Finally there is the very funny tale of amateur dramatics and lofty ambition titled ‘The Fine Fellows.’

It’s a roller coast of ride through a freak show world and reading ‘Glenjamin’ is very much a case of hold on and prey the ride doesn’t make you chuck up. Just like a roller coaster ride though there is something exhilarating about the experience. There, I hope you two are satisfied you are responsible for me writing what is quite possibly the most inane comparison that I have yet penned.

'Glenjamin' it just mucks up your brain.

In a Word: Swollen.

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