Miracle Force #18

Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Miracle Force #18 Creator(s): Jerry Smith
Publishers: Self published
From: USA
Price: US$ 3.00

OK dear reader be warned, if you do delve between the covers of ‘Miracle Force #18’ then I can promise you that you will enjoy it, you will appreciate it but I’ll be damned if many of you fully understand it. This ongoing bizarre, stream of consciousness title does not get any more accessible as the editions roll out.

A couple of things I have to get off my chest though. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, some of the hottest women in comics inhabit these pages and guest artist Joe gravel has certainly continued to uphold that fact.

In fact on the very first page we meet one of the hottest, the Maths goddess Arithmetica, strolls across the landscape clothed only in a couple of flimsy mathematical equations. She cuts herself and her blood congeals just below the surface to be dug up in 2005 by the uneducated ginseng searcher Don. Now he absorbs [via the blood] the intelligence of the goddess, a process that leaves him terribly deformed. It doesn’t get any better for the poor chap either as a little while later the now super brain takes its leave of Don’s head and growing arms and legs it sets out to make its own way in the world.

This includes kitting himself out in a pair of overalls and attempting to join Miracle Force, you remember them, the big teddy bear called Carl, the goldfish with the body of a robot and the very hot fairy, you must remember them.

Anyway they reject the brain who has renamed himself The Optimizer, probably because he looks like a big turd. The Optimizer takes a walk down the boulevard of broken dreams before challenging Gilroid the robot fishy. Bad move and brain boy ends up in hospital.

Now I was ‘getting it’ at this stage but then the Shadow Beast turns up while Carl is brushing his teeth and The Optimizer gets a job telemarketing and oh heck my head starts to hurt again.

In the final analysis I don’t think it really matters though because it is a fun ride while it lasts [although I have yet to warm to Carl] and it is extremely well drawn. It all seems too end happily as well with the spectacled Optimizer apologising to Gilroid for throwing a dead fish at him, see it all makes perfect sense!!!

In reading ‘Miracle Force’ I find that I am constantly laughing its just that I’m not sure why.

In a Word: Mental.

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