Where I vent My Spleen [Blog]

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2007
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Where I vent My Spleen [Blog] Creator(s): Knocky Smith
Publishers: Self Published Blog
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I don’t really like reviewing web comics or their bastard children like blog comics. So I was reluctant to even go to this blog site. After all blogs to me are more often that not a form of ego gratification for socially inept geeks. There now that is all off of my chest I can approach this review in a semi rational manner.

“Where I Vet My Spleen” I am happy to say does offer us more than a normal blog [whatever that may be] and as a result it is well worth a visit. It centres on a series of comic strips that capture the normal day to day trials and tribulations of a cute if paranoid, bald character as he trawls his way through his fairly mundane existence. Slices of life from an urban dwelling suburbanite, locked into work, wife, kids and the normal life.

The way the nuances of his life are captured and the connections all of us can make with these moments is what gives this blog its charm. His trip to work on the underground is ‘made’ when he observes a lesbian kiss for example. In oh so many ways the life presented here is a tragic one for example when his wife says that she is going to leave him and he asks if he can come too.

His paranoia dominates his domestic situation as he believes that his wife hates him because she buys brown bread and is trying to kill him because she turns the volume down on the remote control for the television. In fact world events mean nothing to him but the announcement that there will be an end to “Lost” is earth shattering.

The comics are supplemented by photographs of his creations and prose describing his life and wife, [Jeez mate, if she reads this then there is no doubt that she will leave you].

All in all it made me smile and brought some lightness to my day and that is the best attitude to take to “Where I vent My Spleen”, wait until you are really bored at work and then dive in. It will reassure you that you are not alone.

In a Word: Light.

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