Billy: Demon Slayer v2 #3

Posted: Wednesday, August 29, 2007
By: Steve Saville

Cover of Billy: Demon Slayer v2 #3 Creator(s): Hayden Fryer
Publishers: Siberian Productions
From: Australia
Price: US$3.50 Aus

So Mr Fryer returns with volume #3 of his tale of demonic forces running amok in Suburban Australia. The evil forces set loose in #1 and #2 continue to gather momentum here and it is very apparent that time is running out for the inhabitants of Walksville as the forces of evil swell.

There is a definite growth in confidence on the part of the creator evident in this latest chapter. This is apparent on many levels. The effectiveness of the humour for one, the early joke at the expense of emos is a particular favourite of mine. The increased effectiveness with which Fryer handles the two worlds he presents here [the Underworld and the Suburb of Walksville] is another example of this increased confidence. I would have to say though that the transitions between these two worlds is not always as well defined as it needs to be and as a result the two worlds are not distinct enough, this can, and at times does, lead to reader confusion.

The use of grey tones and shading has also been stepped up in this latest chapter so that it looks a more polished and professional product.

The pace of the narrative is also well controlled. The ability of Fryer to create a feeling a tension and panic is particularly satisfying. Overall then this is a title that continues to develop and grow.

It is still not fully convincing as a tale of the Underworld but it is getting there and there is no doubting that it has its own distinctive charm. As a horror story the portrayal of characters, good and bad is a little too 'cartoony' to threaten and there is still a fairly clichéd feel about some of the characterisation.

Minor issues like this aside though I feel that this title has the potential to be something of a cult favourite in Australia and if it does then I have no doubt that the creator deserves all the accolades that come his way.

In a Word: Possessive.

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