Raised by Squirrels: Los Alamos

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2007
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Raised by Squirrels: Los Alamos Writer(s): Bram Meehan
Artist(s): Monica Meehan for main story, with some guest artists on shorter pieces.
Publishers: Panel Press
From: USA
Price: US $5.95.

Tyler and Rose continue their hunt for clues but there are other forces in the field of play and the time for defensive strategies may be just about to end.

For a comic that is so nicely presented I was disappointed by the lack of narrative drive in this issue. Our two main characters look around a deserted scientific base, experience nasty flashbacks to the origins of Wolverine, and have a chat with an old guy... plus there’s a fight scene.

The publishers try to make up for this lack of fibre by the inclusion of several short origin pieces in the back of the comic with a host of secondary characters delivering exposition on how they ended up where they are today. While interesting in relation to the saga the book is part of, these pieces are not entertaining in their own right. Some of the art work is quite nice; Bram and Jeff Berhams piece has some great textures used in the illustrations, and Jeff Kilburn’s style has a crispness that is appealing.

Monica’s work on the main story is hugely engaging with dramatic layouts and bold use of gloomy compositions. She’s let down by plotting that makes this feel like a bridging issue as we wait for the plot to develop, but it's still a series I recommend.

In a Word: Thin..

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