Help Out Planet Karen

Posted: Wednesday, February 18, 2009
By: Darren Schroeder

Cover of Help Out Planet Karen

As reported at Journalista and, Karen Ellis, creator of diary comic Planet Karen, lost her apartment in a fire on Sunday 15th January.

The apartment above her own caught fire on Sunday night, and while firefighters fought the blaze for three hours, tragically, the occupant was killed. Karen is physically fine, but most of her possessions, including books, clothes and drawing supplies, are ruined beyond repair. The apartment itself has suffered so much structural damage that she's also been made effectively homeless. (See this comic for an account in her own words.)

Check out Karen's comics on the fire and aftermath:

The call is out for contribution to her Paypal account to help out. Just head to and hit the "Donation" button in the right-hand column. Every donation, whatever its size, really counts! is also planning a fundraising auction on Karen's behalf. If you have items you think you'd like to donate, they ask that you contact Karen Healey at for details.

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