Comics Workshops

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012
By: Darren Schroeder

Fancy putting words and pictures together to tell a story but don't know how to start? This introductory session will give you a taste of the range of techniques used in comics over their history, and give you the opportunity to put them into practice. Topics covered will include:

  • - Character design
  • - Page layout
  • - Art Materials
  • - Self Publishing
  • - Copyright
  • - Distribution

About the tutor: Darren Schroeder was editor of the New Zealand anthology Funtime Comics Presents for 14 years; He edited the Small Press section of Silver Bullet Comics/Comics Bulletin for 7 years; wrote articles on the history of New Zealand comics for Comic Edge, Comic Quarterly, Stripschrift, Comic Australia and various other magazines and web sites; has interviewed a variety of small press and mainstream comic creators; maintains fan sites for the mainstream comic characters Man-Thing, Jonah Hex, and comic creator Keith Giffen; and has also produced 11 issues of his own mini comic, Mopy. Darren has a current CRB check.

Cost: £18.50

Venue: Central Exeter

Date: TBC

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