Spunk Ass #1 to #13

Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of Spunk Ass #1 to #13 Creator(s): Sharmay Moxey
Publishers: Self Published
From: New Zealand
Price: ?

Sharmay Moxey has just arrived in New Zealand from Australia and is continuing work on her Mini zine Spunk Ass. Along with articles on topics that annoy her such as leg shaving, she presents comics about her attempts to find a band to drum in that doesn't want to be Nirvana Mark II. Best of all are the continuing adventures of Stupid Girl; a teeny bopper who doesn't have a clue. Good humoured comedy (unless you are a teeny bopper) with some interesting musings on life and such.

In a Word: Light.

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