End, the

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of End, the Writer(s): Robert Scott and Albert Silva Jr (p) Robert Scott (d)
Artist(s): Alberta Silvia Jr (p), Peter Guzman (i), John Towry (Computer Renderings/Lettering)
Publishers: AFC Studios Self Published
From: USA

Well, a post-apocalypse wolverine loving computer hacking puck rock listening teenager called The Reaper goes around killing bad guys and recounting his origin story. We have seen all the elements before and there is no attempt to even reheat all these left over cliches.

Silva and Guzman's artwork varies between a few genuinely spooky panels and the majority of pages that are scratchy, distorted and murky. We can only hope that the title of this misguided series is to be taken for it's word

In a Word: Unfinished.

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