Limbo August #2

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of Limbo August #2 Creator(s): Gerard Ashworth
Publishers: Radical Sheikh Graphics (Self Published).
From: Australia
Price: ?

Stream of consciousness, bah! This is a flash flood of language and artwork from a one of a kind comic creator. His feline characters inhabit a world of wordplay (i.e. "You inter-continent vowel moment"), philosophy and references to everything from pulp bad-girl novels to corpse shaving adspop. All these are depicted in an expressionist art style that Dr. Caligari would feel at home in.

Gerard's work is an amazing piece of evidence in support of the claim that mini-comics are the ultimate medium for creative self expression; in them he can do anything, put express any concept in his energetic and rich mind scape. His characters engage in dance duels while riding through a city scape aboard phallic mechanical flying creatures and argue about the effect the art of cinema has had on reality.

If you thirst for ideas, this is the comic for you.

In a Word: Genuis.

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