Whiteout Melt #1 to #3

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2000
By: Darren

Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artist(s): Steve Lieber
Publishers: Oni Press
From: USA
Price: ?

Carrie Stekko, US Marshall for Antarctica, is trying to track down some stolen pocket nukes. She is a hard bitten hero in an unforgiving environment. Greg's plotting is impeccable, making it easy to forgive the clichés of the action adventure genre. The story drops us into the theft of the nukes and we have to hit the ground running. Even when things seemed to have calmed down, the respite is cut short by a dramatic turn of events.

Steve Lieber's black and white artwork is up to the job and more, with the hostile environment being infused into every panel. His style is restrained but never simplistic, reminding me of many an old war comic with its starkness and eye for technical detail.

This is Smilla's Sense of Snow crossed with The Big Sleep and you'll enjoy every page of it.

In a Word: Biting.

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