Oz Comics newsletter 3 March

Posted: Saturday, March 4, 2000
By: Darren

KIERAN MANGAN of _Monkey Headman_, _Urgh_ and so much more will be interviewed on SRA-FM 94.9 Monday March 6, 2000 between 11 am and 1pm. (Melbourne time.) No, that's not a typo, it's been bumped back a week - comics stars like him often have trouble finding time in their busy lifestyle. Also available via webcast at http://www.sra.org.au . Hmm, someone could tape and transcribe it - voila, instant zine feature. There was a little online wonkiness last Sunday but Nat Clark of A4TORI assures us that SRA's techies are tweaking the webcast and that it should be working soon.

Contact Ms. Clark with your own comix/zine info at P.O. Box 1183, North Fitzroy 3068, Victoria Australia.

APE AFTERMATH: well I didn't get to see Che Gilson's green hair but you can check out some Alternative Press Expo coverage at: http://www.psycomic.com/articles/archive/20000207/going_ape15215220000208.shtml and http://www.indymagazine.com/indyworld/articles/ape2000.shtml


KEN GROBE of _Slurpy Sweet_ has busted out with a new online comic,"Early Sleeper". http://trackers.net/guyspy/lines/2000/feb_wk2_1.html
But what's _really_ entertaining is the "Ken Grobe's Experiences with First Date Sex Forum" at http://www.trackers.net/cgi-bin/trackers?13STOP-@-SPAM26.fcbrafyza2X^6STOP-@-SPAM.ee6b677

EMME of the Elephants is busy at work on a new 'top secret' animation project and she's actually getting paid. And on top of that she's just been featured in net designzine k10k. If you've got flash check out her vaudeville routine.

LARK PIEN gets a review in Indy Online http://www.indymagazine.com/cgi-bin/search/db_search.cgi?setup_file=Reviews2&submit_search=yes&db_id=107 and some chatter on the Comics Journal message boards. http://www.tcj.com/messboard/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000126.html
Where's she at? Bali, Indonesia of late.

FORBIDDEN AMBER: our AMBER CARVAN has had a good week. She's been 'lightly flashed' into online anthology _Forbidden Galaxy_ (see below), and reviewed by Jeff Levine on his site. http://pub5.ezboard.com/fonyourheadcomics.showMessage?topicID=18.topic Just take slow, deep breaths.

KYLIE PURR of Purrzine fame has taken on the task of coordinating zine and COMIC panel ideas for the National Young Writers' Festival. She is "tough but cuddly." CatpounceSTOP-@-SPAMstart.com.au http://www.freespeech.org/catpounce

STEFAN NEVILLE is in Amsterdam, at last word.

BEN HUTCHINGS hunches over his keyboard and writes: "could you write in thy next newsletter, which i rather enjoy by the way, that I have been spending the last 6 months or so on an animation project entitled 'hard hat habib'.screen shots can be seen at http://www.dreamwater.com/ozcom/hhh and that I expect another You Stink out in a few months, along with a Dragonhurtor. Also remind people that the aus.arts.comics newsgroup is still alive and well and badly needs more patrons." http://www.deja.com/group/aus.arts.comics

MANDY ORD, DILLON NAYLOR and TIM DANKO have sent in their SMALL PRESS EXPO BOOK submissions, and many more are scribbling away. Word on the street has it that TOM DEVLIN of Highwater Books may be lending a hand to rope in contributors. http://www.highwaterbooks.com

CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS: Sick Puppy and M/C Reviews this time around.

attention fiends,

it's getting to be about that time for another dose of depravity in the form of a new SICK PUPPY COMIX. the forthcoming issue (SP#11) will feature full colour covers - one from US uberfiend DB VelVeeda and the second yet to be conmfirmed (you wanna shot? get in touch quick smart). the page count will be increased to 52 pages and cover price bumped to a wallet-incinerating $5.00.

---------DEADLINE IS MARCH 31, 2000-----------

so far here's what we got planned -- a truly depraved cenrefold by Ryan Vella; strips by Scar; Glenn Smith; Pterodactyl Man; Kapreles (Belgium); JWP Vandliet (Holland); Bruno D Nadalin and DB VelVeeda (USA); columns by (the infamous) Mannheim Jerkoff and Ken Oath; plus i'm hoping to get permission to print an interview with the sadly missed comix and video extremist Sverre H Kristensen, conducted shortly before his premature death from Leukemia at age 32.

please forward this to anybody you think may be interested.
warm, golden regards,


sick puppy comix
rabid publishing
po box 93
paddington nsw 2021

--------------- M/C Reviews http://www.uq.edu.au/mc/reviews/

Further Reference: http://xent.ics.uci.edu/FoRK-archive/jun98/0298.html http://www.ednmag.com/ednmag/reg/1998/110598/23hiw.htm

Reading: Waferbaby http://www.waferbaby.com and E-Sheep http://www.e-sheep.com . Roadslide mini comic. Also Phoebe Goeckner's happening site. http://www.ravenblond.com/pgloeckner/

Pleased to hear that L'Association will be publishing David B's _L'Ascension du Haut Mal_ in English. Check out the author's site at http://www.kkn.com/davidb/index.html (Try http://babelfish.altavista.com/ if you want a translation.)

* * * Dates to Remember:


Hobart Fringe Festival Feb 18-March 5
Mardi Gras Feb 20
Melbourne Bar & Bistro comics meeting Feb. 26, 8pm
Digital Arts & Culture Conference March 1
Armageddon Convention March 18 & 19
COMIC FEST 2000 25th March
San Diego Comic-Con July 20-23
Small Press Expo Sept 15-17
National Young Writers' Festival (Newcastle) October 6-8
Electrofringe October 6-8 (?)
SPLAT! Sydney Comix Exhibition Late October

Submission Deadlines:

Satan Lives with Me March 24
Sick Puppy March 31
Small Press Expo Book April 1
Milk Bar April 1 M/C Reviews
April 3 Abominable Knowledge Emporium April 14
ISEA submissions April 15
Untold.net Ongoing

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