Last Day on Earth, the

Posted: Tuesday, March 14, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of Last Day on Earth, the Creator(s): Brendan Philip
Publishers: Self Published
From: New Zealand
Price: ?

Brendan's continuing World Without Gravity storyline makes a welcome return in the 28 pages of this B/W mini comic. Brendan, the main character, is trying to leave town, but his train has been delayed and so he drifts around chatting with friends in parks and coffee bars. Something is happening this evening, everyone but Brandon seems to know what. During the course of the day Brendan keeps crossing paths with Mariee, a singer in a local band. She is cute, aloof and Brendan is very intrigued.

Brendan, the creator, paces this tale expertly, letting his namesake drift though the day in a seemingly effortless piece of storytelling. We are never quite sure what is going to happen next, the comic has a dream like quality, but it is never allowed to drift off into nonsense-land. When the evening's excitement eventually appears we accept it as a natural part of the world, when it could have seemed out of place in the recognizable New Zealand setting of student flats, Goths and alternative music that Brendan creates.

This comic doesn't try any fancy gimmicks or shoot-em-up action but it grabs your attention in the first page and keeps you reading. Brendan draws with confidence a city that looks lived in, and his characters seem at home there. After reading this comic you will too.

In a Word: Lyrical.

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