Oz Comics Newsletter #60

Posted: Tuesday, March 21, 2000
By: Darren

Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 20:37:00 GMT

The comics world quivers with awe, envy and flatulence. It's the Weekly Newsletter for March 20, 2000! Thanks to John Weeks for the information

The Small Press Expo every year features an awards ceremony. If you'd like to see your name up in lights, set aside six copies of your comic:

The Ignatz is a festival prize awarded at The Small Press Expo to recognize outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning. A panel of five cartoonists develop a ballot , which is then voted on by Expo attendees. Winners will be announced at the Ignatz Awards Banquet Saturday, September
16, 2000.
You do not need to submit your comic for the panel to consider you for nomination to the Ignatz ballot. However, if you would like to guarantee that you are considered, you can send six (6) copies of your comic. One is sent to each juror; the sixth is kept on file by the Expo for Ignatz
Promotional purposes.
The books submitted must be published between July 1, 1999 and June 30, 2000.
The deadline for submissons for the Expo 2000 Ignatz Awards is Saturday July 8, 2000. Submissions should be sent to the following address:

Jeff Alexander
Ignatz Awards Coordinator
c/o Big Planet Comics
426 Maple Ave East
Vienna, VA 22180

Questions? expoignatzSTOP-@-SPAMix.netcom.com

Never hurts to include press clippings praising your comic in the package (i.e. Comics Journal/local laudatory reviews).
Of course, there's no guarantee that you'll get on the ballot. But then, people never believed they'd get reviewed in The Comics Journal, either.

MILK BAR has a swanky new site webbed up. http://come.to/milkbar

KELVIN LEE is looking for someone to write ad/promo copy for ALEXANDER UNGINOR'S FORBIDDEN GALAXY. Ideally they should have some writing experience and know heaps about comics. One example of the kind of slant he'd like is at

No weirdos, please. kelvinSTOP-@-SPAMcomicuniverse.com


KIERAN MANGAN recently appeared on A4Tori STOP-@-SPAM SRA Radio. http://www.sra.org.au The live stream looks to be working now.

ANTON EMEDIN has lightly flashed his site. http://www.antongraphics.com New Email: AntonSTOP-@-SPAMantongraphics.com

STUART STRATU made an appearance in Melbourne and hooked up with comics cognoscenti there.

NICOLA HARDY is selling an attractive assortment of fridge magnets, for $19.95. Wholesale inquiries welcome. She's also got a line of stickers in the works.
The deadline for Satan Lives is extended to April 28th "so people can get their shit together". What she said. secret_envelopeSTOP-@-SPAMhotmail.com

STEFAN NEVILLE is in Edinburgh, Dunedin's twin city.

LARK PIEN has garnered yet another review of "Tales from the Ward". http://www.ackreview.org/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000009.html

"Pro-active". It's a word that often came up in the marketing jargon of the marketing firm that I temped for. It's also descriptive of the Melbourne comics scene as well, where some are talking about pitching a scene writeup for the Comics Journal.
Comics Historian Randall Scott from Michigan State University's comics archive has kindly dug up references for a few of the previous 'scene profiles'. These'd be useful to consult in constructing an article.

The Comics Journal, no. 188 (July 1996)
"Young Cartoonists Roundtable, Seattle" p. 125-134

The Comics Journal, no. 197 (July 1997)
"Young Cartoonists' Roundtable New York" p. 81-90

The Comics Journal, no. 205 (June 1998)
"Young Cartoonists Roundtable: San Francisco" (Beyond the Grid) p.115-124

There's also one out there for Austin, Texas that included both a roundtable and a writeup, sometime between '94-'97.

Scene profiles, Small Press Expo Book...sounds like a great time to get
a web page together to capitalize on all the media hype come September.

Mimi's swanky site:
Debbie Dreschler's site.
(Also has a great interview at
http://www.indymagazine.com/indyworld/interviews/ddrechsler.shtml )
Oh, and if you haven't checked out http://www.apeshot.com give it a try.

Dates to Remember:


Polyester Contest Exhibit 23rd March
COMIC FEST 2000 25th March
San Diego Comic-Con July 20-23
Small Press Expo Sept 15-17
National Young Writers' Festival (Newcastle) October 6-8
Electrofringe October 6-8 (?)
SPLAT! Sydney Comix Exhibition Late October

Submission Deadlines:
Small Press Expo Book April 1
Milk Bar April 1
Abominable Knowledge Emporium April 14
ISEA submissions April 15
Satan Lives with Me April 28
Ignatz Awards July 8th
Untold.net Ongoing

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