Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2000
By: Darren

FORBIDDENGALAXY has announced publication of the fourth issue of their web comic anthology.

In (almost!) full bilingual splendor with a trilingual treat, this month's graphic wizardry and visual pyrotechnics can be found at

[----------- t h e   c o n t e n t s -----------]

At first glimpse, you might easily dismiss the work of Ralph Kidson as a haphazard collection of simple stick figures with some inane dialogue slapped together by a demented artist gone AWOL, escaped from the funny farm. Well, you'd only be half-right. If by the end of the first page of STICK LEGS you are not sucked into his maelstrom of arachnid anxieties, traumas, lust-filled ambitions and pompous pontifications, then I'll eat my Kheema-flavoured Tarboosh.

In the original French with English and Japanese subtitles and from the fertile mind of Vincent Vanoli comes a terrible tale of a troubled relationship between a man, his wife and a dog. Graphically depicting feelings of inadequacy, mistrust, fear, jealousy leading to murder, medieval mayhem and carnage, BABY PATTON will have you wondering whether a dog really is our best friend. Surrealistically sublime.

In two shorts >from Carrie McNinch's ASSWHINE series, childhood hopes and adolescent fears are explored. Versatile, stylistically diverse, engaging and uncompromising, Carrie McNinch pulls no punches as she depicts, in brutally candid fashion, all our hopes, fears and thoughts. 

According to National Police Agency statistics, about 32,900 people killed themselves in Japan in 1998. Sometimes noble, sometimes downright silly, and almost always tragic, suicide is not about to go away.  In the story SUICIDE, by the Australian comic artist Carol Wood, an aspiring belly-dancer makes several unsuccessful attempts to kill herself before finally....

 Sasa Rakezic (pen name: Aleksandar Zograf) created SERBIAN DREAMER in 1996, one year after the Dayton accord that ended the active war in Bosnia but well before NATO's bombing of Serbia and its Kosovo region.  At that time, refugees from Bosnia and Croatia were scattered all over Serbia, including Sasa's hometown of Pancevo in southern Vojvodina, 15 kilometers over the Danube from Belgrade. (This introduction continues in the artist bio)  

If you ever wondered what young lovers squabbled about in the Balkans, then your curiosity will be satisfied when you read this delightful vignette, MARYLYN, by Yugoslavian creator Ivana Filipovich.  Born on September 4th 1965, Ivana is a certified architect and has a BA in Archeology. For her first comic, Overture, >from which this story is extracted, she was awarded with a prize for best comic debut and in the same year she was included among the twelve most influential artists in Yugoslavia. She now lives in Canada.   -----------
Enjoy selected extracts from the very bizarre QUE FAIRE LE DIMANCHE? by Olivier Texier, creator/artiste responsible for an assorted array of graphic weirdness from a number of critically acclaimed works such as

Living on the margins of society, the Roma, or Roms are subjected to mindless violence and discrimination in many European countries. THE TRANSPORT, a short comic story by Amir Idrizovic from Sarajevo, deals with the social issue of hatred shown towards Roms on public transport in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Also by Mr Idrizovic, 'THE UNITY', a comic illustration to a book published in Slovenia.

Marcel Ruyters has created over 30 self-published books, some short, others full-length. He went to art school from 85-87, but dropped out and picked up comics again later. Presently, he works together with several artists in Holland and abroad and has been published in numerous magazines in Europe, Canada and the States. He also paints and sculpts. In GRINNER, text by Matt Giesen, smiling and a fear of dentists are shamelessly combined in a rictal extravaganza that could have only come from the land which gave the world Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Mondriaan, Edam....

FORBIDDENGALAXY had a note for Netscape users: Some as yet unsolved problems with brower compatibility issues on the site exist, with the result that some pages, namely those containing layers, should not be resized or the browser will crash.

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