Magic Boy does the Laundry

Posted: Tuesday, April 4, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of Magic Boy does the Laundry Creator(s): James Kochalka
Publishers: Self Published edition
From: USA
Price: ?

Dating from 1997 this little 48 page mini comic is an absolute joy. James tells us about going to the Laundromat while trying to work on a story idea for a comic. His wife has to put up with his absent mindedness when it comes to practical concerns. This is cute without turning into golden syrup, mainly due to James being able to show himself in a critical light.

The comic he is working on concerns an astronaut crash landing on an island to find that emissions from the rocket launches are poisoning the island, slowly killing the inhabitants. One of the inhabitants takes the astronaut to task about this.

James interweaves the two narratives in an interesting way, showing how his "real life" concerns are projected into the comic he is working on. It's self-referential to the point of almost curving space but the tone of James' writing and his delightful art style keep us from noticing that he has his sights firmly set on his navel.

In a Word: delightful.

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