Peter Vile

Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of Peter Vile Creator(s): Aaron Trudgeon
Publishers: Ancient Wisdom Comics
From: US
Price: ?

The Hero Who Spits Poison and Likes to Be Left Alone. Okay, first up the artwork for this comic sucks. It is all badly drawn stick figures, which I guess probably owes a lot to Aaron being about 10 years old. That said, the story is quite funny. The anti-hero of the piece, Peter Vile, smokes a lot, drinks to much, and of course spits poison. But on the good side he also has a piece of weaponry that James Bond would kill for: a nag shield which can protect Peter from sappy girls who babble on to him. Brilliant.

The comic has everything that we could want; fight scenes, angels of God, evil villains, a demon in a box and Eraserhead videos. There are more ideas per page than just about anything you care to mention and a bizarrely surreal sense of humour to top it all off.

In a Word: Nagless.

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