Stories From The Ward - Book Three

Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2000
By: Darren

Creator(s): Lark Pien
Publishers: Self Published
From: USA

This 64 page collection of work by Lark is quite an achievement. The various stories collected within its pages cover an interesting range of themes, linked by a common thread of his interest in metaphors; a flower and a bee share a love/hate relationship, the closet girl dreams of escaping her domestic duties and meeting a charming man, a victim of genocide comes back to life and goes to the city.
The artwork varies between stories, cartoonish for the slightly naive bee and flower story to a blotchy and awkward hand for the genocide victim's grim tale. My favourite is the fine line work used for the closet girl, with one quarter page panel on each page slowing the tale down and giving it a cinemascope feel.
Everything comes together to give this collection an air of sophistication which make it a very enjoyable read on all fronts.

In a Word: Accomplished.

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