Life Sucks #2 & #4

Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2000
By: Darren

Cover of Life Sucks #2 & #4 Creator(s): Moira Clunie
Publishers: Self Published
From: New Zealand

Two teeny weeny mini comics arrived in a teeny weeny envelope. My flatmates were curious, mystery correspondence? Romantic message? No, but if you can't have documentary evidence of affection Life Sucks will make the lack of it entertaining. #2 gives a quick rundown on why being Satan sucks, and gosh it sure does, what with having no friends and hanging out with the scum of the earth the guy has it tough. Issue 4 shows us what a potato has to put up with, and it's not mash much better than being Satan really. The artwork is basic, but the humour of Moira's view of things more than makes up for it.

In a Word: Concise.

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